• Is your site secure?

    Giving out personal information and credit card numbers makes everyone uneasy. Recognizing this, we’ve implemented bank-level encryption to secure your sign-in credentials, which cannot be compromised. These include: Plus, as a general policy

  • My Cash Back disappeared from my account!

    While some businesses participate in multiple rewards programs, customers are only eligible to earn rewards through one program a business uses. Although you may have received a Cash Back notification, the Cash Back dropped from your account because it was blocked by another rewards program linked to the card you used….

  • How & When do I get paid?

    Great question! First, ensure you’ve earned over $10.00 in your account. Once you have $10.00 in your account, you can redeem by: Some more important information:

  • My account is missing a transaction!

    Oh no! We understand how frustrating this can be, so please know that we will work with you to ensure we do whatever it takes to resolve the issue! First, check out the payment methods on the venue’s profile page to ensure that the card you ran is listed there….

  • How long does it take for a purchase to show up?

    We know how excited you are to get your Cash Back, so we do our best to make transactions appear as soon as possible! Earnings may take a few minutes to 7 days to show up, depending on the type of card used and the restaurant/store visited. Most Visa transactions come through…

  • Where can I view my Cash Back history?

    We like seeing users take advantage of their resources, so we’re glad you asked!  Go to your profile on the top right-hand side of the page and click “Wallet” in the drop-down menu. You’ll see “Activity” on the left-hand side underneath the title Wallet on the main page. Click on…

  • Can I order through a delivery service?

    ANY third-party ordering services and delivery companies (for example, Square, Grubhub, Eat24, ChowNow, Groupon, Clover, Postmates, etc.) are not eligible for Cash Back or promotions. The purchase must be made through the venue’s credit card machine. If you are ordering at a participating restaurant online, please note that most restaurants…

  • How much Cash Back can I get?

    Restaurants and retailers can give you as much Cash Back as they want, but most have a $250 cashback limit per transaction. Make sure that you’re using a card that’s accepted at the qualifying restaurant or retailer! Double-check the accepted cards on the restaurant or retailer’s venue page.  Please check…