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Can I donate from outside of the US?

You can donate from anywhere at any time, but please keep in mind that unless otherwise noted, all donations are processed in US dollars (so if you are in Australia or Canada, that $ sign means “US$”).

Donations to the Pledgeling Foundation via Price.com are tax deductible for US and Canada taxpayers. If you are outside those countries, check with your local tax authorities regarding deductibility or other tax benefits. Note that a donation outside your home country almost always does not create a tax benefit, assuming your home country even has such benefits.

We currently can only provide tax receipts targeted to US donors and Canada. So if you are in Australia, donating to an Australian charity, our receipt may or may not be sufficient for your taxing authority. To obtain a tax receipt, email support@price.com after your donation is made.

Updated on June 14, 2024

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