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How do I know my donation was received by the nonprofit?

Donations to US organizations: You can contact the charitable organization directly and confirm that they have received payment from the Pledgeling Foundation. The check they receive will combine all donations made into a single monthly payment.

Pledgeling Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a regranting program that efficiently distributes tens of thousands of donations each month from individual donors and businesses to their favorite causes.

If you need further confirmation of the donation, contact us at support@price.com, and we can provide the information. We can find when your donation was paid to the recipient organization and, if it was by check, confirm that they have cashed it.

Donations received by Pledgeling Foundation during a calendar month are batched together and regranted within the first fifteen days of the following month. So please allow time for that to happen and for the nonprofit to process the payment. Some nonprofits are very quick to process payments, while others are not.

For donations to organizations outside the US: we work through international charitable donation processors and send them funds after the end of every month.

  • For donations to Canadian charities, our Canadian partner sends out funds for a given calendar month around the middle of the following month.
  • For donations to charities outside the US and Canada:
    • Some of our international partners may not process donations until at least US $300 is payable to a given charity.
    • Other partners can process any amount, but they can deliver donations to only a limited list of charities.
Updated on June 14, 2024

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