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How to Ensure You Earn Cash Back Rewards for Your Purchase

So you’ve made a purchase and didn’t earn cash back. There are a few reasons this could have happened:

  1. Visiting other sites during your shopping session. if you visit another site during a shopping session, especially if that site offers rewards, coupons or discounts, the merchant might give credit for your purchase to that other site. In addition, using browser extensions from other rewards companies (such as Honey or Rakuten) can cause the merchant to give credit of the sale to those companies instead of Price.com and thus voids your Price.com cash back.
  2. Using coupons you found outside of Price.com. Using or attempting to use coupon codes that aren’t offered on Price.com can result in a sale to be credited to another source other than Price.com and thus cause you to not earn cash back on your purchase.
  3. Ineligible products. Some stores only offer Cash Back on certain products they sell. If you’re not seeing your cash back rewards show up, you could have purchased an item that is not eligible for cash back. To see eligible categories, check the merchant’s store page on our Price.com.
  4. Switching to a different browser window or tab. When shopping with cash back rewards from Price, make sure to only use the tab and browser that you activated the cash back from. Opening a new tab or switching to a new browser can cause your cash back to not be captured.
  5. Waiting too long after activating Cash Back to complete your purchase. Make sure to activate your cash back prior to completing a purchase. Some merchants even require cash back to be activated prior to adding items to your cart and so the best method is to activate cash back before adding items to your cart. In addition, if you wait too long to purchase after activating cash back, your transaction may not be credited to Price.com and your cash back will be voided.
  6. Not activating Cash Back when using the Price.com extension. On the merchant’s site, make sure to click the “Activate Cash Back” button from the extension prior to making a purchase. Simply having the extension does not automatically reward you cash back on your purchases.
Updated on December 6, 2021

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