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How to redeem cash back?

Earning Cash Back with Price.com is one of our most popular features, and you can get started now!

  1. Start at Price.com: At the top right of the site, click register to create your account. Once you log into your new account, you are ready to start earning cash back on qualifying purchases.
  2. Through the Price website or in the Price App, Click on the menu, and select Cash Back Offers to search and click the store where you want to shop.
  3. Click the Shop Now button to link your account to the Store shopping page of your choice.
  4. Now for the fun part, shopping! Add items to your cart as usual: once you place an order, we’ll automatically add the rebate to your Cash Back account. It will remain in the pending status until final store approval.
  5. Choose Your Cash Back Reward: Once your pending transaction has been approved, it will appear under the completed table on the Cash Back Rewards page. If you have met the minimum cashout amount, you are ready to cash out your earnings. You can make one large purchase or multiple smaller purchases that add up to your qualifying minimum to cash out. Once you have met your minimum balance, Price has over 300 gift cards to choose from or transfer money to any debit card! 

Congratulations – You’ve just maximized your savings!

When the store sends us the transaction, your earnings should appear under the pending table on the Cash Back Rewards page. It will move to the approved table once the store has confirmed your purchase. We appreciate your patience as our participating retailers may take a few days to report a completed sale. Most qualifying cash back rewards move into “Approved” status within 90 days, though the approval process varies by merchant. 

Once you have reached the minimum amount in your Cash Back balance, you are ready to cash out. First, go to Cash Back Rewards, then scroll down to Cash Back Balance and click Cash Out. It will transfer you to the screen where you can select from over 300 gift cards listed by brand names and categories. You may also choose a debit card to use at the location of your choice. 

If your Cash Back Rewards are still pending approval, it will carry over to your completed transactions as soon as the return period has passed. This may vary according to each retailer’s return policy. Cash Back is only earned after the sale is validated as final.

Updated on November 24, 2021

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