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I’m new to this program. Is there anything I should know?

Though we recommend that you read all the FAQs, here are some of the main things you should know:

  • Not all credit cards are accepted at every participating venue, so please review the venue’s profile page before swiping your card!
  • ​You must earn $10.00 in your Price.com Wallet to redeem your Cash Back.
  • Third-party ordering services such as Grubhub, Eat24, ChowNow, Groupon, Square, etc., are not eligible for Cash Back or promotions. If you have any doubts, please get in touch with the restaurant to make sure that your order will be processed through their credit card machine in the restaurant.
  • ​A tip is not included in the transaction amount. 
  • ​Cards must be registered before making purchases to be eligible for Cash Back or rewards.
  • Venues on the program are always changing, so check what new restaurants we’ve added near you! 
  • You must run all transactions as credit even when using your debit card. If you are entering your pin, we will not be able to track the transaction.
  • If it is a click-to-activate venue, you must click “Link Offer” before each purchase.
Updated on October 18, 2023

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