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The Many Ways to Earn Cash Back With Price.com

Price.com Extension

Our Price.com browser extension allows you to automatically activate cash back, helps with comparison shopping and finds coupon codes for you when you’re shopping at your favorite merchants.

To get started, make sure you have the Price.com extension downloaded on your favorite browser.

Then simply visit your favorite stores. If there is cash back available, the extension will drop down automatically and let you activate your rewards.

Just make sure to activate your rewards before you make a purchase and you’ll see those savings pile up in your Cash Back account.

Price.com Mobile App

Our mobile app puts the all money savings platform of Price.com in the palm of your hand.

To get started, visit your app store and download the Price.com mobile app.

Then simply search for your favorite stores and click the ‘Go’ button next to the available cash back offering. That will link you directly to that stores mobile website where you can complete a purchase and earn your rewards.

Price.com Website

Our desktop and mobile website makes it easy to search for products across the web, add price tracking alerts, and, you guessed it, see and activate cash back at thousands of retailers.

Simply go to Price.com and search for your favorite store in the top navigation bar. Once on that store’s Price.com page, click the ‘Shop Now’ button next to the available cash back offering.

Price.com Chatbot

Ask our chatbot to maximize savings while you shop. Provide one of the things below to get things started.
1. Paste a product URL from any store
2. Upload a photo
3. Message a product name or description

You can also see all available cash back offerings by visiting the Cash Back Offers Page.

Updated on December 6, 2021

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