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How does the Price.com Pharmacy Savings Card work?

When your Price.com Pharmacy Savings Card information is entered into the pharmacy’s computer, the price of the prescription is calculated based on the pharmacy’s agreement with Price.com’s pharmacy network management provider.

If you already have insurance covering your prescription, you should ask your pharmacist if your insurance copay is lower than the Price.com Pharmacy Savings Card price. Price.com Pharmacy Savings Card is ideal for prescriptions not covered by your insurance, or high-deductible prescription insurance plans.

With the free Price.com Pharmacy Savings coupon there are no deductibles, no subscription or enrollment fees, no paperwork or forms to complete, and everyone qualifies. Price.com receives administrative fees from the pharmacy benefit administrator for offering this service. This program covers your entire family, is pre-activated, and can be used immediately. You can share your coupon with anyone, including friends and neighbors. You can also direct them to this website to print as many free coupons as they need.

Updated on October 4, 2023

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